Double decoiler coil feeding line

It is a short feeding line with a double decoiler structure for quick coil change. When one side decoiler is in the stamping process, another side can load the steel coil in advance to reduce the exchange time and improve efficiency.


Double decoiler structure for quick coil change
Robust decoiler construction, hydraulic lifting and rotating
HongEr special designed hydraulic expansion uncoiler mandrel
Safety uncoiling with pneumatic coil hold-down arm
Easy coil threading with independent coil hold-up device
Coil threading assist assembly with swing arm and inlet roll
Personized coil inlet passageway for smooth coil feed
Precision straightening with worm gear upper rollers adjustment
Electrical pass line-height adjustment
Independent console for whole line operation



Model: GLK2-600D
Applicable coil width: 600mm
Material thickness: 0.3-3.2mm
Loading Capacity: 5ton per side
Straightener Rollers: 11pcs rollers in 48mm diameter