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Steel auto parts pressing line with servo coil feeding line GLK4-600H decoiler straightener feeder
Issue Time:2019-10-28
servo straightener feeder coil feeding line
Steel auto parts pressing line with servo coil feeding line GLK4-600 decoiler straightener feeder
Automotive brackets stamping

Automotive brackets are made by high strength steel with a lightweight and require a stable coil handling performance with accuracy feeding in the stamping process.

It is one of the automotive part stamping lines in Birmingham, UK. It manufactures automotive components such as metal brackets, inner metal parts for brand Jaguar Land Rover.

Line Configuration:
Mechanical Stamping Press AIDA 250ton
Progressive Tooling
automotive brackets
servo straightener feeder with uncoiler
Coil feeding line features

Well-designed tooling saves the manufacturing cost. An AIDA stamping press guarantees the high standards of automotive brackets, and a HE coil feeding line makes the fast production possible.

Compare to the conventional coil feeding line in brackets stamping, the compact structure will save the coil uploading and threading time. As flatness requirement in automotive stamping is higher and higher these years, a coil feed line with precision straightening performance is a must. 

The GLK4 decoiler straightener feeder is the most popular model in the automotive parts stamping line; it’s capable of handling material thickness from 0.6mm to 6.0mm, with straightening precision reach 0.01mm/m.