Developed more than 30 years ago, the compact feed line has become the new standard in metal forming. It was specifically developed for multi-process shops where floor space is at a premium.

In addition to footprint constraints, application parameters play an important role in determining whether a compact coil line is a right choice. Although their industry applications vary widely, they are particularly important for high-volume factories such as the automotive and construction industries, which rely on flat, stress-relieved materials to produce a variety of high-quality parts.

Besides that, 3-in-1 lines are also critical in reducing scrap rates and improving overall line efficiency. Because compact lines have fewer components and the material does not have to travel as much as a conventional coil line. There are fewer interruptions in the stamping process and less tool wear.

Small But Powerful

Without a doubt, compact coil lines do not require loops and pits because the coils are mounted above the leveler and auto feeder. A compact line has many features as a conventional line but a smaller footprint and more straightforward operation. Even with its small size (less than half the size of a long loop line), it can handle thick, strong material. They can take coils weighing up to 20 tons, up to 2,000 mm (78.74 in) wide, and between 0.3 and 12 mm (0.012 and 0.47 in) thick.

decoiler straightener feeder GLK-H


Compact coil lines are usually a combination of several machines: decoiler, straighteners, and roll feeders.

Strictly Control

The measuring wheel accurately positions the strip steel into the punching tool to prevent unnecessary feeding. It operates as a measuring slide to improve accuracy. As a result, the setup time is reduced, as well as the unwinding and rewinding time.

Short Downtime

Since the second coil can be placed on the trolley while the first coil is being fed, and working with the semi-auto coil threading device can reduce the coil change time to less than five minutes.

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