Most of the time, metal feeding machines are used in the metal stamping production line. The decoiler, straightener, and feeder machines are also can be used in the laser cutting line.

Compared with metal stamping production lines, laser cutting has many advantages in the manufacture of metal parts:

  1. High precision, high speed, narrow cutting seam, and smooth cutting surface;
  2. The processing flexibility is good, and it can also cut the special-shaped materials;
  3. It can cut any hard material without deformation.
  4. No need to change molds, and low mold cost
  5. Low labor cost
  6. It needs to take up less space.

Obviously, for small quantity, multi-variety metal parts manufacturing, laser cutting is more suitable than metal stamping.

With the development of automobile manufacturing, the competition between automobile manufacturing companies is fierce. For the survival and sustainable development of the company, it is necessary to continuously reduce production costs and increase profit margins. How to reduce the cost has become a very important thing to consider for automobile manufacturers. Production equipment and molds account for more than 70% of the cost of the car. Therefore, reducing the cost of production equipment and molds is extremely important. The investment cost of laser cutting equipment when purchasing, but the wear and tear of the mold/die is higher than that of laser cutting.

However, no matter whether by using the metal stamping or by using the laser cutting for producing the metal parts, there must be the feeding equipment here to feed the coil for the press machine or laser cutting machine.

Our 3 in 1 feeding line GLK series is the very perfect machine for laser cutting lines. It can feed the coil with high precision, stable feeding speed, and high leveling ability. The unwinding, leveling, and feeding are highly synchronized with the laser cutting machine, thus ensuring high precision and high surface flatness after cutting.

servo feeder with laser cutting machine