A servo feeder machine motor drives the feed roller through a synchronous belt wheel to achieve precise feeding. It uses the release signal provided by the punch cam to release the accumulated error through the cylinder. As a result, it is the feeder with the highest feeding accuracy at present. Usually, the feeding accuracy can reach ±0.02mm.

The servo feeder machine can be fully automatic. It can quickly complete the feeding step length and feeding speed setting through the touch screen control operation. Therefore, the servo feeder gradually replaces the air and roller feeder in the metal processing process, becoming the most mainstream stamping industry.

Servo feeder is not only suitable for use with various punching machines. We can also use it with multiple types of processing equipment such as hydraulic press, shearing machine, laser cutting machine, etc. Furthermore, the feeding width and feeding step are not limited, flexible customization, so it is wider used than roller feeder.

Servo Feeder Application: Equipped with laser cutting machine

The RNC servo feeder equips with a vertical frame. As a result, it reduces the feeding shake and discharges in the production line. At the same time, the frame can adjust up and down, which can better match the feed height requirements of the laser cutting machine.

RNC servo feeder directly connects to the laser cutting electrical control system. It automatically sends out a feeding signal after the material is feed in place. And it was then prompting the laser cutting machine to start working, which is fully automated.

The RNC servo feeder has a variety of feeding step setting functions. It is to meet the multi-stage feeding function of the laser cutting machine.

servo feeder with laser cutting machine

Servo Feeder Application: Equipped with shearing machine

At present, the shearing machines on the market use manual feeding, relying on the footswitch to control the shearing material. So that we always use it to cut out the straight sheets as the end-products. As a result, the production efficiency is relatively low, the safety is poor, the cutting accuracy is low, and the quality of the finished product is unsatisfactory. Furthermore, because it is difficult to cut the coil into the same size for the rectangular sheet material cut by hand, it will waste a section of the material every time it is cut.

servo feeder with shearing unit

When the RNC servo feeders work with the shearing machine, it solves these problems fundamentally. After the RNC servo feeder use with the shearing machine, it can become an automatic cutting production line with the decoiler, straightener, and shearing machine.

Servo Feeder Application: Equipped with press machine

Using a servo feeder equipped with a pressing machine together can realize the functions of the entire coil on the device: automatic feeding, automatic entry, automatic stamping. Thus, it maximizes raw materials and improves production efficiency. In addition, we can process various complex pattern holes by punching in the press machine.

It also has the advantages of manual off-machine operation to ensure safety and improve working conditions. Therefore, we can use the servo feeder machine in the stamping process of machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, cans, screens, bottle caps, electric control cabinets, hardware, etc.


HongEr machine has entire series of RNC, RNC-B, and RNC-H of Servo feeder from thickness 0.2-6.0mm, with width 20mm-1300mm, for different usage and material requirements. Furthermore, we have a mechanical relaxation NCF servo feeder machine for optional. Welcome to get more information on our website or contact us for the details.