The decoiler MT-200, precision straightener HS-A1-3, and servo feeder RNC-200 are ready and will be shipped to our regular customers in India. This Indian customer has been working with us for more than three years. They are a very large metal stamping equipment supplier in India. For this shipment, there are 5 sets of decoiler MT-200 with a small inner diameter, 6 sets of high precision straightener HS-A1-1, and 4 sets of servo feeder RNC-200 with pneumatic release.

servo feeder
high precision straightener
decoiler MT-200

The decoiler straightener and feeder they ordered from us are used in the metal stamping line of the electronic parts. This requires the feeding equipment to have high feeding accuracy and leveling accuracy. The specification of the feeding machines is as follows.

1. Decoiler machine MT-200

The MT-200 is for decoiling the coil width max. 200mm and thickness 0.1-2.0mm, with loading capacity max. 600kgs. Our decoiler MT series can be widely used in the metal stamping line for decoiling the material. It also can be used in the forming line and laser cutting line. When the coil is thick, there should be added the pneumatic press arm to avoid the coil dispersing, and if the thickness exceeds 4mm, the inverter is also necessary. When decoiling the coil at a high speed of more than 20m/min, the decoiler should be a non-motorized decoiler. The decoiler MT can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, so it can be used for uncoiling and rewinding.

2. Straightener machine HS-A1-1

The HS-A1-1 is for leveling the coil width max. 100mm and thickness 0.2-2.0mm, at leveling speed 16m/min. The HS-A1-1 is a high-precision straightener type. With the high precision performance, it normally is used for leveling the coil in the metal electronic parts stamping line. For leveling the aluminum coil, the upper straightener roller can be designed as a liftable type for easy roller cleaning. For leveling the mirror stainless steel, the upper feed roller is PU coated to avoid leaving marks on the surface of the material.

3. Coil feeder RNC-200

The RNC-200 is for feeding the material, Max. 200mm width and thickness 0.2-3.2mm. The RNC podajnikiem cewek is a pneumatic release type, and the feed roller releasing is powered by the pneumatic cylinder. Equipped with the YASKAWA servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC, it can run with a very stable performance. For feeding the mirror stainless steel, the upper feed roller also is PU coated to make sure there will be no marks left on the strip.

If you have any needs for the coil feeding machines, please contact us, and we will offer you the specialized solution for your metal stamping line.