Here’s a question: What does a compact line look like?

A: The compact line is a combined coil handling system. It contains decoiler, straightener, and feeder parts, and sometimes has a shearing and lubrication unit. All the pieces are integrated into one servo control system. It has an accurate straightening and feeding performance and also ensures operation safety.

Main features of the compact line

  • Full function, save space: uncoiling, leveling, and feeding 3 in 1 combination, the total length of the machine body 3.2-4.6 meters, compact structure, occupies little space.
  • Easy to operate, high automation: the main operation of the machine is concentrated in the Japanese Mitsubishi touch screen for simple operation and setting, simple operation, high degree of automation, and good stability.
  • High precision leveling and feeding: high strength and high precision leveling rollers with worm gear leveling adjustment to ensure high and stable leveling precision; feeding is driven by Japan Yaskawa servo motor, and the relaxation structure adopts eccentric shaft type, ensuring high feeding precision.
  • Multiple protection systems, low failure rate: mature procedures to ensure the stability of the system under long-time operation; 1)motor overload protection function; 2) abnormal material loop detection stop function; 3) end material detection stop function, to ensure the low failure rate of the 3-in1 feeding system operation.

Customer case

The image attached is a #GLK3-400 compact coil line which has been delivered to Singapore for automotive stamping.

3-in-1 decoiler straightener feeder combo feeding system


  • Material thickness: 0.5-4.5mm
  • Coil width: 70-400mm
  • Coil weight: 3000kgs
  • Yield strength: ≤245N/mm²
  • Tensile strength: ≤392N/mm²
  • Feeding speed: 0-24m/min

Machine test video:

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