Who will choose the HE automatic coil feeding line?

HE is a manufacturer of coil handling solutions in China. Our main product is decoiler, straightener, feeder. They are widely used in metal stamping lines with progressive die to realize automatic feeding function. Until now, our customers are distributed among automotive stamping, furniture stamping, structure stamping, costume stamping, kitchenware stamping, etc.

How to choose suitable metal stamping equipment?

For different areas, we could offer suitable coil handling solutions as per material specifications. Generally, a whole automatic metal stamping line is equipped with an uncoiler, straightener, feeder, and precision press machine.
We will check the product drawings to design mold and choose suitable equipment accordingly for the full stamping line. Usually, coil width, coil thickness, and coil weight are important factors. Our equipment can work for 0.1-0.6mm, 0.2-3.2mm, 0.5-4.5mm, 0.6-6.0mm, 0.8-9.0mm thickness metal coil sheet. Check the HE coil handling equipment solutions to know more details.

HE customer cases–automotive stamping line

A customer located in Canada chose our GLK4-600 3 in 1 coil feeder for automotive stamping.

GLK4-600 works for 600mm coil width with 0.6-6.0mm thickness. It has automatic uncoiling, straightening, and feeding functions with a short and compact structure to save space. Meanwhile, it is intelligent equipment with PLC program control, which can set up multistage feeding data and has memory function. However, it looks a little bit complicated but straightforward to operate with the touchscreen.

automotive stamping
3 in 1 coil feeder

Additionally, GLK4-600 3 in 1 coil feeder can be composed with coil car to assist coil loading. Except for this, there are automatic centering systems, electric adjustment systems for straightener rollers, and coil keepers to upgrade the configurations.

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