Learn About Metal Eyelets & Washers Stamping Line

When we are talking about metal stamping, normally we think of the metal parts, such as construction parts(connectors, fasteners, hinges…), agriculture and forestry parts(gang nail, knuckle nail plate…), home accessories(plates, forks, spoons, blades, air conditioner cover…), the electronic component( laminations, terminals, inserts, sockets…), auto parts, etc.

Actually, another vast field where stamping equipment needs to be applied is the clothing metal accessories industry. The buttons on our clothes, the eyelets on the shoes, the washers on the curtains, etc., are all produced on a stamping production line.

Eyelets and washers are widely used because of their simple structure; now, we take the eyelets and washers stamping as an example. Before planning and evaluating the production line, the customer needs to provide product drawings showing the thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter, deep drawing height, and the product’s material, which are the key information for mold design and machine recommendation.

Meanwhile, according to the customer’s requirements for production capacity, the mold can be designed as one out of one, one out of two, one out of three, one out of four, etc. The more outs by one punch, the bigger the production capacity.

We have more than ten years of experience in setting up eyelets and washers production lines. We have supplied many customers to establish production lines for eyelets and washers. The production line is built with the following equipment:

  1. The pallet decoiler, FU-1000
  2. The high-speed roller feeder, RF-105NS
  3. The high-speed press machine, RC-25T
  4. The stamping mold/die

Metal Eyelet and Washers Stamping Line Video

Many large garment metal accessories plants use automated stamping production lines to produce eyelets and washers. Compared with manual production, the output of automated stamping lines is greatly increased; the automated production line is safer, and labor costs are saved.