Funiture components metal stamping line introduction

IKEA is world-renowned furniture and home furnishing retailer from Sweden. The harmonious product series can be described as a wide variety of functions and styles. As we know, they have high requirements and strict demands on their suppliers. Our client in Bulgaria has been passed selection by IKEA and be their furniture components supplier finally.
We design progressive die with glossy surface, neat cutting, low tolerance, burr-free, and no scratch based on high precision.

The stamping line video

Summarized after mold design, we will know the coil sheet width and thickness, feeding pitch, and press tonnage according to the production capacity and mold requirement.
For the IKEA metal coil stamping line, we have equipped with the below equipment:
GL combo uncoiler straightener + servo feeder + 80 Ton press machine + Progressive die

GL Combo Uncoiler Straightener

Compared with a single uncoiler and straightener machine, this structure of GL is a combo uncoiler straightener that can save workspace and be easier operated by labor.

Specification of GL combo uncoiler straightener:

  • Coil width: 50-600mm
  • Coil thickness: 0.3-3.2mm
  • Coil weight: 600-3000kg
  • Transmission: double chain transmission
  • Speed adjustment: with frequency inverter to adjust the speed from 0-16m/min
  • Option device: pressing arm, hydraulic expansion, heavy-duty capacity.
GL Combo Uncoiler Straightener

Podajnik serwo RNC

Equipped with a metal coil stamping line, we have several feeders such as a pneumatic air feeder, high-speed roller feeder, high-speed gripper feeder, gear feeder, and RNC servo feeder in our factory for choice.
RNC servo feeder is normally used for metal stamping with progressive die. It is controlled by a servo motor with a high-precision feeding pitch. Meanwhile, it has a PLC program with a memory function to save data such as feeding pitch and feeding time. What’s more, it can set up 10-20 feeding programs to meet the requirement of progressive stamping.

Specification of Podajnik serwo RNC:

  • Coil width: 50-1300mm
  • Coil thickness: 0.3-3.2mm
  • Feeding speed: 0-16m/min
  • Feeding pitch: 0-9999.99mm
Podajnik serwo RNC

APA 80 Ton Press Machine

The frame of the APA punch press is made of high-quality steel plate welding and undergoes a stress relief process. This design improves the stability and reliability of the accuracy of the entire machine. In addition, the transmission center is consistent with the overall center of the machine to ensure the accuracy and stability of stamping.
Fitting the production capacity and mold requirement, this IKEA metal coil stamping line was equipped with 80 Ton press machine.

The standard unit of APA press machine:

  • Hydraulic over-load protector
  • Manual / electric slide adjust the device
  • Die height indicator
  • Balance device
  • Rotary can switch
  • Crank angle indicator
  • Electrical stroke counter
  • Air source receptacle
  • Against over-run safety device
  • Air ejector
APA 80 Ton Press Machine

IKEA Furniture Components Progressive Die

A progressive die (also called a continuous die) is composed of multiple stations. Each station is related to complete different processing. For example, a series of different stamping processes are completed in one stroke of the punching machine. After one stroke is completed, the coil feeder machine moves the material forward in a fixed step to complete multiple processes by one progressive mold. Generally, a progressive die includes punching, blanking, bending, trimming, deep drawing, etc.

To design continuous die for IKEA furniture components, we have studied the components 3D drawings and comply with the tolerance requirement.

HE-machine adopts SKD11, DC53 with hardness HRC58-60 to made the die plate and punchers.

Mold process by precision grinder machine, CNC, fast wire and achieve 0.01mm tolerance. Each mold has more than 5,000,000 strokes lifetime.

IKEA Furniture Components Progressive Die

Coil Handling Solution

HE has rich experience in coil handling solutions. We have designed and exported our metal stamping line for the global market including Europe, Australia, South Africa, Africa, and the Middle East, etc.

Welcome to contact me for a coil handling consult!