How does HE coil handling equipment help you make the perfect stainless steel surface in electric appliance stamping?

Stainless steel is widely used in electric appliance manufacturing, as it’s easy to clean, rust-resistant, and germ-resistant. The use of stainless steel keeps growing these days, especially for home appliance manufacturing, such as washing machines, grills, dryers, microwaves, coffee machines, and other kitchen electronics.

Multiple types of stainless steel can use for appliance production, such as 304, 301, 201, 430, etc. Since most stainless steel has a polished surface, it’s easy to damage the surface during manufacturing.

Moreover, comparing to carbon steel, the strength of stainless steel is higher and harder to process.

So we have to be careful during sensitive material coil handling. Let’s see how HE-machine can help you to make the perfect surface in each coil handling process.

1. Uncoiling process

In the uncoiling process, it’s important to prevent scratching on the stainless steel surface. HE-machine uses polyurethane (PU) wheels on the coil holding arm, which is elastic and durable. An air cylinder drive coil holding arm can hold the strip surface down to keep the coil tension without a left scratch on the coil surface.

Some bright and polished stainless coil has paper film interleaved between each coil strip. As for aluminum or copper coil, it’s usually plastic film protected. There must be a device to collect the paper or plastic film before sending the metal strip to the straightening part under these circumstances. The following refer photo is an automatic rewinder to collect the protective film during coil uncoiling.

2. Leveling process

In the sensitive material leveling process, we need to flatness the metal strip without markings left.

According to your specific material thickness, HE-machine will customize the straightening rollers quantity and diameter configuration for precision leveling. And the high-quality leveling rollers are also a guarantee for accurate leveling.

Equally important is the regular cleaning of the straightener rollers. As the straightener part’s long-term operation may cause the metal shavings, HE-machine provides an openable straightener for easy cleaning. It uses an air cylinder or hydraulic cylinder to lift the upper roller side for easy regular maintenance.

3. Feeding process

In a conventional long line, we need to make sure there is enough space between the straightener and feeder machine to avoid surface damage caused by the loop scratching. There is no loop between the straightener and the feeding part in a compact coil line, so the speed must be highly synchronized to prevent material loop scratching. And our servo control system can easily handle the speed coordination.

Besides, we use polyurethane (PU) coating upper rollers to feed the soft and sensitive metal coil. The elasticity of polyurethane rollers can prevent markings left on the strip surface, and the durability makes it capable of a long-term feeding process.

A high-quality coil handling process can help our customers to gain an advantage in the home appliance stamping competition. HE-machine commits to provide the very best coil feeding equipment for our customers. If you have any projects that may need our help, please feel free to contact us!