This is a heavy-duty thick steel coil feeding line, uncoiler straightener feeder machine GLK5-600. It can process steel thickness from 0.8mm to 9.0mm, metal coil width up to 600mm.

High-quality straightening rolls process coil leveling with hardness is HRC60, as well as support rollers strength precision straightening performance and prevent coil bending. With automatic straightening valve adjustment and automatic coil feeding line-height adjustment, the operator can handle this coil feeding line easily by Mitsubishi touchscreen panel.

With loading capacity 5ton, the movement of the traveling coil car is driven by hydraulic motor. A hydraulic cylinder will help the coil car lift and down smoothly. There are 2pcs of support rollers in a coil car to support the uncoiling process for thick steel.

With HongEr designed uncoiler spindle, the mandrel is expanded by a hydraulic cylinder with automatic centering. The air operated hold-down arm and width limiting are electric control with pneumatic cylinder drive. With pneumatic disk brake and photoelectric sensor loop control, the uncoiler part can coordinate with the servo straightener feeder part very well.


We also provide lots of optional specifications for our customers, such as hydraulic shearing unit, automatic lubrication unit, adjustable coil outlet bracket, or conveyors.

To know more details about why HongEr technology can well handling thick steel in 9.0mm thickness, or even in 12.0mm thickness, please contact us to get more technical introductions.