Car license plates are necessary for a car to run legally on the road. And to make a car license plate, it will need a specially designed metal stamping line. The complete car license plate stamping line includes: a decoiler straightener combined machine, film laminator machine, servo roll feeder machine, mechanical press machine, stamping tool dies, and conveyor belt. It needs 10m-15m ground space for the complete production line.

vehicle registration plate stamping line

This is a car license plate stamping line delivered and installed to our customer’s factory last month. And there are several steps for manufacturing a license plate:

Step 1: Uncoiling leveling in car license plate stamping

decoiler straightener machine

Firstly, we need to uncoiling the steel strip from a metal coil, then leveling it into a flat sheet. In this process, we can use a combined decoiler straightener machine for uncoiling and straightening.

The model used in this stamping line is GL-300. It can process the strip thickness from 0.3mm to 3.2mm, coil width up to 300mm. The combined structure guarantees a synchronous between uncoiling and straightening.

Step 2: Film Laminating in car license plate stamping

After straightening the steel strip, it will need a laminating machine to cover the metal strip’s surface with a colored film. This type of film carries the reflective material needed for the license plate.

HE-machine suggests using a glass room for the film laminator processing. The car plate material coil and stick film material should keep clean. If continuous working is stopped for a long time, please cover or keep the materials in a clean environment.

film laminating

Step 3: Coil feed in car license plate stamping

After the coil strip covered with the colored film, we need to feed the metal strip into a stamping press, requiring a servo feeder. The model used in this number plate stamping line is RNC-300, servo roll feeder with the pneumatic release, with feeding accuracy +/-0.1mm.

The servo feeder is suitable for all kinds of metal coil automatic feeding, easy to operate, and user-friendly. It has automatic feeding with high efficiency and precision performance, which can feed different lengths at one time, easy operation, safe, and high stability.

The control system applies the Yaskawa servo motor and drives system, Mitsubishi PLC, and other electrical accessories, with little malfunction and long using time.

Step 4: Press blanking in car license plate stamping

After the steel strip covered with a reflection film, then we will need a press machine with a stamping tool to blank the steel strip into a piece of the required outline shape. The stamping press in this car plate stamping line is the APA Gap frame press machine.

stamping press of car plate stamping line

Stamping press machine

  • Capacity: 60tons
  • Stroke: 60mm
  • Variable S.P.M.: 80-120
  • Fixed S.P.M.: 65
  • Tonnage Rating Point: 2mm
  • Die Height: 340mm
  • Slide Adjustment: 75mm
  • Slide Area: 500*360*70 mm
  • Bloster Area: 900*500*80 mm
  • Shank Hole: Φ50 mm
  • Main Motor: VS5.5 * 4 (kw.p)
stamping tool die for car plate

Car plate stamping tool

HE-MACHINE cooperated with quality stamping tool manufacturers to provide a reliable and high-quality metal stamping line for our customers. It uses CNC, HS-WEDM for tool die machining. The processing accuracy is 0.02mm. The basic warranty time of the stamping tool is 5,000,000 times. With inserts and spare parts maintenance after that, the stamping die can continue to serve the production line. Moreover, we offer lifetime technical service for the whole stamping line.

Step 5: Plate press in car license plate stamping

After getting a blanked shape metal plate, now we can make the raised numbers, and coloring the numbers of a car plate. It will need an engraving machine and heat pressing machine, as well as heat printing films.


Final Product: Car license plates

car plates

After all these steps, a vehicle registration plate has been made.

A vehicle registration plate, also known as a car number plate or a license plate, is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes.

For more details about the car number plate stamping line or other sheet metal stamping equipment, please contact us now!

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