A zigzag coil feeder can easily handle a metal strip’s X-Y movement in a thin material blanking line. But when it comes to a thick coil handling processing that also requires a high flatness surface, HE-machine recommends our customer with an integrated zigzag coil line.

The whole coil line can make a horizontal movement pattern to feed the metal strip to the stamping press for staggered part production. The operator only needs to input the simple parameter, and the servo system manages the X-Y moves.

Why choose an integrated zigzag coil line instead of a zigzag servo feeder in this case?

  • Firstly, it reduces the long loop space between the decoiler straightener and feeder, saving workshop space. In a conventional long line, a zigzag feeding line may need 6-10 meters for operation. But in this integrated coil line, the length is only 4 meters.
  • Secondly, a more substantial straightener-feeder part is needed for the high flatness performance when it comes to thick metal coil leveling. So, it needs a more powerful straightening feeding motor and pneumatic release system.
  • Thirdly, the integrated control system can handle the decoiling, leveling, and feeding in one operation panel, easy to operate.
  • Moreover, it has an automatic diagnosis system and a higher level of safety protection for operators.


  • This zigzag coil line can handle material thickness from 0.6mm to 6.0mm, applicable coil stock width from 70mm to 600mm. And the loading weight is about 7000kgs.
  • The zigzag distance is 600mm, single movement is 100mm, and zigzag speed is 50SPM maximum.
  • It has a maximum feeding speed of 22m per minute.
  • The leveling system is the same as the HE standard model of GLK4-600: Four over three leveling rollers arrangement, with roller diameter 68mm.
zigzag coil line

In transfer press stamping lines, an integrated zigzag coil line is an effective way to reduce scrap and save cost. HE-machine commits to provide unique coil feeding solutions depends on specific applications. Please contact us to check what we can help with your production.

A zigzag coil line is in the assembly test: