Personalized coil feeding line GLK4-1300H decoiler straightener feeder for limited workspace

It is a metal pressing line that stamps the front brackets of road vehicles. Due to the limited workplace, it has only 5.5meters available space for the coil feeding line.

The general auxiliary support device is a pneumatic or hydraulic arm mounted on a standing base, which needs an independent space on the left side of the decoiler part. In this coil feed line, we adopt a personalized support rack device for the decoiler straightener feeder machine. The support device has two support columns that mounted on the decoiler machine base, which saves a lot of space. The crossbeam can be open or close during the coil loading and discharge process.

Coil Line Features

  • Coil car surface with motorized rollers for easy coil threading
  • Special design mandrel with an extensive loading capacity
  • Two groups of coil guide rollers for safety uncoiling
  • Guide roller distance adjusted by hand wheel
  • Hydraulic coil hold-down arm for safety uncoiling
  • Counterclockwise uncoiling direction
  • Reversible uncoiler mandrel
  • Personalized auxiliary support rack for heavy-duty coil loading
  • Hydraulic drive coil threading assist assembly
  • Six groups of back up rollers for stabilized straightening process
  • HRC 60 degrees straightener rollers, four on top, three on bottom
  • Automatic roller gap adjusting by touch screen control panel
  • Worm gear adjustment for the precision straightening process
  • Pneumatic release for precision feeding
  • Touch screen control with manual buttons

Line Video: