This is a clip and terminals stamping line that will be delivered to South America. The customer specialized in terminals, contacts, connectors, fuse clips, and hose clamps stamping. There are many types of material for terminals and clips stamping, such as Copper, Brass, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Titanium.

The production line needs a decoiling device to uncoil the coil to strip, the HongEr pallet decoiler is ideal for this process. After the decoiling, the strip will be fed to the high-speed press by a gripper feeder. HongEr gripper feeder machine is a type of mechanical feeder that has stable feeding performance in high feeding accuracy.

The most common press machine that used in our customers’ terminal and clips stamping line is the High-speed H frame press machine. It has a stabilized H frame structure, which grantees stable and continuous high-speed stamping.

For more details and specifications of the terminal and clips stamping process, please contact us now!

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