There are many medium or large size parts stamping process in white goods manufacturing, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioning. A traditional way is a manual delivery of the sheet material to the mechanical or hydraulic press.

To save labor costs and to improve efficiency, coil material is replacing sheet material for extensive size stamping processes. The following case is a washing machine parts stamping line. It applies a HE coil feed line GLK3-1300F decoiler straightener feeder to save the cost of the blanking process.

Uncoiling, Straightening, Feeding

Steel that needs to be processed has a thickness range of 0.5mm to 4.5mm. With HE anti-fatigue and wear resistance decoiler mandrel, the coil feeding line is capable of handling metal coil up to 7 tons, width up to 1300mm. And a combined machine structure processes the straightening and feeding smoothly.

Lubricating, Cutting

After the strip goes out from the feeder part, there is an automatic lubrication unit for oiling, and then cutting into designed length by a hydraulic shearing unit. The hydraulic cutting unit is a customized design to meet the demands of frequent cutting.

Robotic Arms Transferring, Stamping

Robotic arms replaced the manually material delivery, which improves the production efficacy and also protects the operator’s safety. Each station needs one or two operators before, but now one operator can manage a whole production line.