Reduce coil change time

In a general metal pressing line, when a metal coil is running out, it will need to stop the stamping process, and load a new metal coil.

When load a new metal coil, a coil car lifts the metal coil to the same height of uncoiler mandrel, then we need centering the metal coil to the decoiler mandrel and use coil hold-down arm and limiting device to set up.

This coil feeding line has a dual decoiler part. The two decoiler mandrels are in opposite directions, with a rotating structure to switch.

When one side decoiler is working, the other side can load the coil, which will reduce the coil loading time and increase the metal pressing productivity.



Coil feeding line features

It has a sturdy uncoiler base, the backside has a hydraulic coil car to load the coil, and the front side has a pneumatic arm with rollers for easy coil threading.

A coil pressing assembly adds pressure on the outer side and prevents coil rebound. The hold-down assembly is powered by a pneumatic cylinder and with a motorized PU wheel.

Coil limiting arms has two rollers, the inner side roller has a fixed position, and the outer side roller is close/open by a pneumatic powered. A manual wheel adjusts the distance between the two rollers.

The combined straightener feeder part has a secure coil threading device to reduce the setup time. And the straightener part has nine pieces of rollers in 68mm diameter for precision coil leveling.

HongEr is happy to provide our customers with the personalized coil feeding line that most suitable for each specific pressing application. Contact us for more details of coil feeding solutions.