Home appliance parts stamping especially the outer shell parts pressing requires high flatness. A high-quality servo straightener feeder is the choice for white goods parts stamping.

This is a metal stamping line that has been delivered to the workshop of Gree group. It uses for air conditional part pressing, equips with HONGER compact coil feeding line, and SEYI mechanical press machine.

The leveling part is customized according to the customer’s material needs. With high-quality steel straightening rollers and two groups of back-up rollers. The compact coil line can handle coil stock in 1000mm width, material thickness up to 3.2mm, with excellent straightening performance.

Besides, It has a hydraulic shear unit for parts and coil tail cutting. HongEr provides unique coil handling solutions according to different stamping line requires. Please contact us to see how we can help with your metal pressing application.