Brake pads are components of the brake system for an automobile, and its quality is vital for a vehicle’s driving safety. Brake pads are made by high strength steel for better wear-resistant and ensure driving safety. The brake pads manufacturing line requires a coil feeding system that can handle high strength metal coil well.

It is a brake pad stamping line in one of HE client’s press-shop; it produces brake pads for the AUDI brake system. The coil feeding line applied in this production line is GLK5-600H decoiler straightener feeder. It processes uncoiling, straightening, and feeding high strength steel with thickness up to 9mm.

The specially designed decoiler structure has four inner limit rolls and two outer limit rolls. Then it will locate the high strength material, avoid coil shifting, and protect safety. With an automatic electrical control system, the high strength steel strip can enter into a stamping press machine with better flatness and precision.

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