Establishing a stamping line requires a feeding machine(decoiler, straightener, feeder), press machine, and the die. Different metal part stamping needs different die. The accuracy of the metal parts largely depends on the accuracy of the mold design.

Generally speaking, there are many steps in forming the metal parts of the mold. Some of them are bending, flanging, trimming, embossing, drawing, hemming.

1. Bending

Bending is one of the most common mold metal forming methods.
Different materials with different thicknesses and widths have different rebound values. The three main mold bending methods are wiped bending, V bending, and rotary bending.

2. Flanging

Like the bending mold, the flanging mold uses a pressure pad to fix the material during flanging. However, to facilitate positioning, the flanging mold adopts flip-chip mode. Since tension flanging stretches metal, it is most suitable for parts made of metal with good strength ability.

3. Trimming

The function of the trimming mold is to cut the stretched board along the process curve to obtain the required edge size. The reference mold of the trimming mold must be in place during the production process. If the board is not in place, the board rebounds. Various problems such as deformation of parts

4. Embossing

Embossing is the process of stretching metal into shallow depressions. Embossing is often used to make letters, marks, or logos on the metal part surface.
Since stretching or tension is the primary deformation method used for embossing, the metal can be excessively thinned or broken.

5. Drawing

The drawing die presses the punched flat plate into a hollow workpiece with various openings. The punch pulls the metal into the forming cavity during the stretching process. Various cylindrical stepped, spherical, conical, and other parts can be made withdrawing. The metal parts include oil filter pans, kitchen sinks, cooking utensils, tanks, etc.

6. Hemming

Hemming folds the metal onto itself to form a smooth edge or reinforcement part or connect two metal parts. For example, we can use the hemming die for the pressing edge of auto parts, doors, or locks.

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