HE-machine supplies coil processing machinery since 2002. In other words, it’s continually providing new information into industrial coil feeding solutions for sheet metal working process.

Firstly, HE equipment is easy to integrate into various production line applications. Secondly, with a HE-machine coil processing system investment, you buy with the confidence of knowing the product is high quality, versatile, and flexible. Moreover, this is a product which can be used for a wide variety of sheet metal coil type and has lifetime technical support free of charge.

Whichever metal coil handling solution you require, it can be delivered by a HE coil feeding line. Below provides an introduction to the coil processing solutions which are possible with HE-machine:

Simple Coil Feeding Line

Simple Pressfeed
(25-250 ton press, 0.1-2.0 mm)

In small tonnage stamping that using lightweight material, an uncoiler, and a servo feeder machine can become a reliable coil feed line for the application…

Precision Coil Feeding Line

Precision Pressfeed
(60-250 ton press, 0.3-3.2mm)

A precision line has a combined system of decoiler straightener, which is capable of handling a variety of high precision straightening requests…


Multi-function Pressfeed
(80-250 ton press, 0.5-4.5mm)

A multi-function coil feeding line can handle various types of coil material from 0.5mm to 4.5mm, and also guarantee a precision steel straightening process…

Compact Coil Feeding Line

Compact Coil Processing Line
(250-2500 ton press, 0.6-6.0mm)

It is not only a simple combination of uncoiler, straightener, and feeder parts but also highly integrated control in operations…

Full Functional Coil Feeding Line

Full Functional Coil Processing Line
(250-2500 ton press, 0.9-9.0mm)

HE full functional coil feed line is a perfect choice for large size made by high strength steel.
And it can handle high strength steel in large width…

High-speed coil feeding line with mechanical roll feeder

Mechanical Feeding LineĀ 
(Conventional small parts stamping)

With pallet decoiler and mechanical roll feeder, the line speed reaches 800SPM, a reliable choice for small pitch production, such as metal buttons…


Gripper Feeding Line
(Terminals stamping)

Pallet decoiler with high speed gripper coil feeder, this coil line speed can reach 1200SPM, which is ideal for terminals and small clips stamping…

High speed servo feeding line

High Speed Servo Feed
(45m/min feeding speed)

The servo feeding line has an uncoiler straightener combination and a single high-speed servo feeder. The servo feeder conducted a double servo system…

High speed coil feeding line with CAM feeder

High-speed CAM feeding line
(Lamination Stamping)

The high speed coil feed line combined double decoiler, s-loop straightener, and cam feeder, which is design for lamination stamping…


Pallet decoiler with gripper feeder, the line speed can reach 1200SPM, which is ideal for terminals production and small clips stamping…

Circle-Blanking Line

In the circle blanking line, HE zigzag coil feeding system is used to save material cost and improves the production efficiency…


It changes the traditional sheet material to coil material and implements robotic to pick up the cutting pieces. So it saves labor costs and …

Laser Cutting Line

When using coil material in the laser cutting line, the part length has no limit. And the HE coil feeding line is capable of continuous coil feeding without stopping…

If you want to see an article that covers the specific area you are looking for, please submit a request to info@he-machine.com. Then we will investigate creating a new coil processing line solution postcard.

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