A compact coil feed line is not only a simple combination of uncoiler, straightener, and feeder parts but also highly integrated control in operations.

Applicable Material

  • Type: High Strength Steel, CR Steel, HR Steel, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum…
  • Yield Strength: ≤430 N/mm2
  • Tensile Strength: ≤686 N/mm2
  • Material Thickness: 0.6 mm – 6.0 mm

Coil Feed Line Structure

  1. Compact Coil Feed Line GLK
  2. Stamping Press 200-2500ton
coil processing

Features of compact coil feed line

Automatic and safety operation

  • The short line combines decoiler, straightener, and feeder parts into one system. Therefore, this line structure is easy to install and operate, which can enter into mass production in a short time.
  • With the coil threading support device, the metal coil can be inserted into the straightening part smoothly. Then it starts the automatic coil feeding process. Operators can manage the coil loading, uncoiling, straightening, and feeding process by a single touch screen control panel.
  • With an international brand electronic control system and self-inspection procedures, the operation has high safety insurance. As a result, it is suitable for modern production needs. Meanwhile, the HE compact line has a meager failure rate and convenient for maintenance.
  • In conclusion, more and more press workshops are replacing the loop line with the compact coil feed line to meet the higher safety standards.

Space-saving line structure

  • The length of a conventional coil line would be 10 meters or more. But now the short line reduces the workspace to 5 meters. It saves lots of workspaces. Moreover, for some thin material coil feeding, the length of the coil feed line can be 3.2m.

Precision straightening performance

  • The compact coil feed line can synchronize the decoiler straightener and feeder part. With PLC closed-loop control system, it ensures a high servo feed accuracy.
  • Secondly, the machine equips high-quality straightening rollers, back up rollers, and worm gear straightening adjusting. So it’s capable of managing a wide range of metal coil processing applications.
  • Above all, the compact coil feeding line is necessary for the high strength steel stamping in automotive, construction, aerospace, or electrical appliance manufacturing.
compact coil feed line

Main parts of compact coil feed line (GLK4-600 for refer)

1. Coil Car of the coil feed line

  • The coil car of the coil feed line helps a metal coil load to the uncoiler spindle. It has a wear-resisting surface and four baffle arms to prevent coil tilting.
  • A hydraulic cylinder drives the coil lifting with pressure maintaining the valve for smoothly going up. And the horizontal movement is driven by a hydraulic motor with a throttle valve for speed control.
  • Moveable control handles or touch screen panel control the coil car operation. Then the limit switch and the limit device will prevent the offside.
  • The centering of coil loading needs visual alignment, with scales on the machine body for reference.

2. Decoiler of the coil feed line

  • A spindle is a critical component of an uncoiler/coil reel structure. And HE uncoiler spindle has excellent load-bearing performance and fatigue resistance.
  • Unlike the conventional band brake, the mandrel brake of the compact system is a pneumatic disc brake, which allows for more precise braking.
  • The decoiler mandrel motor is an AC motor with a frequency converter. A variable frequency motor, with a double row and large pitch chain, drives the decoiler transmission.
  • A coil pressing arm equips a polyurethane rubber wheel to add pressure on the coil. It will avoid strip loss during the uncoiling process. It can be open or closed by an air cylinder drive and touch screen control.
  • The coil guide limit has two non-motorized rollers with free rotation. The inside roller has a fixed angle. The outside roller can be closed by an air cylinder after the coil loaded on the decoiler mandrel. Then the distance between the two rollers can be adjusted according to the specific coil width.

3. Coil threading support of coil feed line

  • A coil threading support device can help the strip sent into the straightener part smoothly. It has a swing arm and two coil inlet rollers.
  • An air cylinder drives the swingarm, and the touch screen console controls the operation. Then upper roller equipped on the swingarm, bottom roller shares power with the straightener part.
  • The two rollers are special sandblasting treatment, which can clamp the metal strip tightly without damage on the steel strip surface.

4. Straightener Feeder of the coil feed line

  • The straightener-feeder part of this coil feed line has 7pcs of straightening rollers, 2pcs of feeder rollers, and two groups of back-up rollers.
  • Gcr15 high carbon chromium bearing steel makes all the rollers, with hard chrome grinding surface treatment, the hardness can reach HRC60±2.
  • HE implements a 100% inspection before assembly. It ensures the radial runout of all the rollers is under 0.01mm.

Rollers of the coil feed line

  • Straightener rollers are transmitted by side gear drive, with ISO 6 precision standard gears
  • Straightening rollers: 7pcs (up4/down3), supported by deep groove ball bearings
  • Backup rollers: 2 groups, supported by Needle bearings.
  • Pinch rollers: 2pcs
compact coil feed line rollers

5. Hydraulic Shear (Option)

An electric hydraulic trim shearing machine can help to cut the coil edge trim, heads, tails. It has four sides scissors to achieve smooth cutting. Moreover, when the material crack in the stamping dies, it can cut the strip loop for quick repair and maintenance.

6. Automatic Lubrication Unit (Option)

Lubricating steel strips before stamping is critical. It will protect the stamping dies. HE-machine lubrication device is automatically controlled, with an oil loop recycling system. It saves oiling costs and prevents leakage. And we can choose wool felt roller or rubber roller for different material types.

7. Coil Tailout Support Bracket

When there is lots of space between the coil feed line and stamping dies, the strip will move up and down. A support bracket can avoid this problem. A tail-out support bracket will help the metal strip delivery to press die smoothly. The length of the bracket is adjustable to fit different dimensions of stamping dies.

Coil Feed Line Video

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