The servo feeding line has an uncoiler straightener combination and a single high-speed servo feeder. The servo feeder conducted a double servo system, and speed reaches 45m/min. And the material loop between straightener and feeder grantees the smooth coil processing.

Applicable Material

  • Material Thickness: 0.3-2.2 mm
  • Coil Width: 20-600 mm

Coil Line Structure

  1. Coil Car
  2. Decoiler Machine
  3. Precision Straightener
  4. High Speed Servo Feeder
  5. Stamping Press
coil processing


Automatic control and easy to operate

The servo system only needs an electric connection between coil feed and stamping press, which is easy to install and operate. A control console can do the whole line operation from coil uncoiling, loop bridge to straightening and feeding. With the electronic control system and high-security design standards, it ensures the operation safety.

High-efficiency performance

This coil feed line can process metal coil in 45m per minute speed. And it’s capable of handling larger width coil than the conventional type, which is suitable for large size lamination stamping and other products that require high-speed production.

Main Parts & Description

1. Coil Car

Through the coil loading car, a metal coil can be loaded to the expansion-contraction structure of the uncoiler spindle safely and smoothly. The coil loading car equips a tilt-preventing mechanism for moving the narrow strip coil. The coil loading car has a V-shaped weight-bearing surface structure, and the surface has phosphate coating treatment, which improves its rusting and anti-galling properties.

2. Decoiler Machine

Decoiler machine fixes a coil to the expansion-contraction position. The decoiler spindle will rotate intermittently to discharge the metal coil. And a photoelectric sensor is used for loop control. The pneumatic holding down arm keeps coil well-knit, avoid strip disperse. And the “A” type frames help locate the piece, avoid coil shuffling.

3. Steel Straightener

Steel straightener machine presses the strip or sheet of a certain thickness through the upper and lower rolls to achieve a flattening effect. It equips inlet and outlet rolls before and after. The upper part has two handles for fine adjustment of the flattening accuracy.

4. High-Speed Servo Feeder

Servo feeder is a mechanism for conveying sheet metal materials to press machine or cutting machine, and It performs fixed-length feeding as required.Generally, the servo feeder speed is 16-20m per min with a pneumatic release. In this line, the speed can reach 45m per min with servo drive and cam release.