HE-machine provides a flexible choice for sheet metal stamping line. In some of the small tonnage stamping that using thin material, an uncoiler, and a servo feeder machine can become a reliable and straightforward coil feeding line for the application. A precision straightener machine can also be integrated into this line if needed.

Applicable Material

  • Material Thickness: under 2.0 mm
  • Coil Width: 20-600 mm

Coil Line Structure


A straightforward and reliable feed system

The uncoiler and coil feeder have the independent control systems and sensor rack for loop control, which is easy for installation and operation.

Variety configuration choice

HE can provide variety configuration choice depends on your material specification. For uncoilers, there’s two expansion type for different coil weight range, manual expansion, and hydraulic expansion.

As for some flexible metal coil materials, it will equip a hold-down arm. The pressing arm is pneumatic type device with non-motorized PU rubber wheel, to add pressure on the coil outside to avoid loop rebounding in uncoiling process.

A contact sensor rack will detect and controls the material loop, and induction rod is also available if neede. And some of the uncoilers will equip coil car for smooth coil loading.

If needed, HE provides high precision straightener as well as the conventional type, to meet the straightening requirements from different product stamping line.

The most popular coil feeder is HE servo feeder RNC series. Servo feeder with mechanical release NCF is also available for higher speed request.

Main Parts & Description

Uncoiler Machine MT/MT-F 

Medium duty uncoiler MT-F as an example reference:

  • Uncoiler operation: Motorized
  • Uncoiler expansion: Hydraulic expansion
  • Coil hold-down arm: Pneumatic type, non-motorized PU wheel
  • Loop control: Sensor rack
  • Operation control: Control handle with manual button
  • Loading capacity: 5000kgs
  • Brake system: Band brake

HE servo feeder is a reliable choice for sheet metal feeding process, meet various type coil feeding requirements.

The detail consideration of mechanical design guarantees high synchronistic mechanical structure, which is a fundamental guarantee for high-precision feeding.

Feed rolls are by sided gear driven, which has an ISO 6 accuracy level. And the feed rolls are made by high quality bearing steel; hardness reaches HRC60.

As for the electric system, the leading international brands’ components make sure reliable control and easy maintenance. Computer control system guarantees fast and accurate performance, and HE provides multiple control systems for optional in for user habits in different countries.